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Yellow multi-colored bowl and baskets

Yellow multi-colored bowl and baskets

Hand-dyed basket in a blue with multi-colored stitching. 100% braided cotton rope. Double and triple stitched for a sturdy and strong basket. When using the planter basket to hold plants, remove plant from basket when watering or use a non-porous plate. Spot clean.


small bowl 
2 1/2" height
5" width
3 3/4" base width


short flat bottom basket 
1 3/4" height
6" width
5 1/2" base width


planter basket 
6" height
7" width
6" base width


    Kinnaree Patel established On Mars, in Caves in 2016 as a jewelry company focused on hand-crafted earrings and bead work. After acquiring a sewing machine, she spent a summer creating rope baskets for her growing collection of houseplants. She hand dyes the rope which is sturdy, triple braided, 100% cotton that is made in North Carolina. Kinnaree started combining her own hand-made beads with her baskets creating pieces that are beautiful, unique and practical.

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