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Jack O Lantern necklace, Baltic amber necklace

Jack O Lantern necklace, Baltic amber necklace

Handmade necklace


A) patina’d copper pendant, brass details and a genuine amber cabochon

Adjustable brass chain can be worn at any length up to 26”


B) patina’d sterling silver, copper detail and amber cabochon

18” Sterling silver chain w/ 2.5” extender. (SOLD*** contact us for a custom order)



Inspired by the origins of the Jack O’Lantern dating back to the old Irish folktale of Stingy Jack. According to the tale Jack is doomed to roam purgatory for eternity with only a flame inside a carved out turnip to light his way.

Over time people started carving scary faces into turnips to ward off evil during (what we now call) Halloween. Eventually carving turnips evolved into carving pumpkins. 🎃

    $157.00 Regular Price
    $141.30Sale Price
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