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Hydrangea theme bronze and sterling bangles

Hydrangea theme bronze and sterling bangles

Bronze and sterling silver bangles

Handmade in Chicago


A) Bronze (basic) bangle design

B) Bronze bangle with sterling granulation and rosecut amethyst

C) Bronze bangle with sterling ball and aquamarine & amethyst charms

D) Bronze bangle with sterling silver hydrangea flower and purple moss agate stone

E) bronze bangle with sterling hydrangea flower motif

F) Bronze bangle with hydrangea flower motif and granulation (large)

c a r e i n s t r u c t i o n s

Due to the PH levels in your skin, you may react to metals such as aluminum, brass, copper & sterling silver; There are a few ways to prevent this:

---Wipe your jewelry piece with a soft cloth before you put it on or after you take it off. (This is the cheapest & easiest way of keeping your jewelry clean and to protect if from oxidation).

---Apply a coating of car or jewelry wax to the piece. It also prevents it from tarnishing and keeps it nice and shinny. Eventually it will wear off (not flake off) depending on how often you wear your jewelry. Simply reapply the wax, let dry then buff your jewelry with a soft cloth.

---Do not get your jewelry wet!

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